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Welcome to Canvas.

Sometimes creating a blog is easier said than done. With Canvas, it's just easier. Simple installation, the freedom to make it look how you want, and a familiar editing environment keeps you focused on what Canvas is really good at: Publishing.

Want to find out how big of an impact you're actually making? Canvas helps you visualize monthly trends, see where your readers are coming from and even what time of day they prefer to read your content. Think of it as a lightweight version of Google Analytics, straight out of the box.

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Web native: Fully mobile and desktop ready on any device

Publication statistics

Measure the impact of your posts with realtime data. Not everyone needs the headache of setting up Google Analytics, so we built-in just the best parts, and added a couple new ones.


A new editing experience

Enjoy a distraction-free writing experience in this Medium-inspired editor. More than just a formatting toolbar, you'll find out it has some tricks up its sleeve.


Unsplash integration

Enjoy high-quality photography in your posts from the world's most generous community of photographers. Add images, videos, links, or whatever media you'd like to your content. The sky is the limit here.

Unsplash Integration

Custom social data

Ensure your content is optimized with fully customizable meta data for Facebook and Twitter sharing cards, as well as tag categories to group your posts by.

Social Data

Easily install into an existing Laravel app or a brand new project.

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